Develop customer value

Push the right offer at the right time by the right channel to increase satisfaction, loyalty and lifetime value of each of your customers

Acquisition programs



Transform your audiences, prospects and customers data into cost-effective and innovative cross-channel acquisition programs. Our teams deliver value on acquisition programs from inception to execution: customer and prospect insight, recruitment strategy design, implementation of acquisition tools and processes, operational execution of acquisition programs, measurement and optimization of results. We deliver our services using industry benchmarks and toolkits that speed up the time to market of acquisition programs.

Relationship programs



Transform your customers’ data into knowledge and analyze these insights to define the content of cost-effective and innovative cross-channel relationship programs. Our teams work end-to-end on customer relationship programs: customer analysis, segmentation, behavior prediction, content design of the relational program, implementation of tools and animation processes, operational execution of programs, measurement and optimization of programs. results. We deliver our services using industry benchmarks and toolkits that speed up the time to market of relationship programs.

Campaign management



Relationship marketing campaigns can quickly become complex with dozens of simultaneous operations, multiple actors, multiple channels, multiple brands, … We select and set up the campaign management tools, we define campaigns, we manage the consistency between the actions and the channels, synchronize the various actors, supervise the deliverability, manage the consents, supervise compliance with local regulations, measure the returns and improve continuously the effectiveness of the campaigns. These services can be delivered either as outsourced service centers or in time and materials. They rely on solid process templates and industry-specific KPI that are used to benchmark the marketing performance.

Data quality & onboarding



Improving data quality and enriching data are the prerequisite for a truly a seamless customer experience. Auditing data quality, automating corrections using repositories, reconciling heterogeneous sources, identifying duplicates, merging redundant information, choosing sources to enrich or add customer or prospect data; we address the whole data quality value chain:  design, real-time and batch automation, recurring processing and more.




Center the whole marketing mix around data



Increase the ROI of digital media



Deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience