Center the whole marketing mix around data

We improve the entire value chain of data: collection, quality, enrichment, exposure, data science, machine learning, governance, monetization. From the business case, to the operational exploitation through the design, implementation and deployment of tools and processes, our teams offer a full service range around 4 key skills: data scientists, IT expert, business analysts and Digital Marketers.

Machine Learning



The largest pool of consultants in France with nearly a hundred data scientists, experts in data mining, artificial intelligence, natural language, image processing, time series forecasts, signal processing. Flexible collaboration: outsourced skills center, project mode or time & materials for any type of marketing application: propensity scores, churn scores, re-purchase scores, behavioral segmentation, analysis of social posts, optimization of customer experience, product recommendation engines, sales forecasts, yield optimization, dynamic pricing.

Customer Data Platform



At the crossroads of the Data Management Platform and the client datawarehouse, mixing SQL and No SQL technologies, combining anonymous visit logs and personal data, the Customer Data Platform is a hybrid and complex creature. We have many reusable assets, verticalized by industry that we use to accelerate the technical and business design, the implementation and othe peration of CDP.

Data Gouvernance & GDPR



Define and deploy a data strategy, organize, data governance, define transversal data collection and management rules, manage the data lifecycle, meet the requirements of quality, confidentiality, security and data retention, to comply with GDPR and local regulations on all continents, change management supporting the shift toward data-centric culture. Complex and multidisciplinary subjects on which we have established benchmarks of good practices and tools to accelerate our consulting services.




Improving data quality and enriching data are the prerequisite for a truly a seamless customer experience. Auditing data quality, automating corrections using repositories, reconciling heterogeneous sources, identifying duplicates, merging redundant information, choosing sources to enrich or add customer or prospect data; we address the whole data quality value chain:  design, real-time and batch automation, recurring processing and more.



Increase the ROI of digital media



Develop customer value



Deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience