Deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience

Deliver a smooth, seamless, personalized and consistent experience across all channels to maximize consumers’ satisfaction and retention.




Capitalize on a 360 ° view of the customer to improve his experience on all the channels and develop his lifetime value: customer service, clienteling in store, salesforce automation tools, marketing campaigns automation, loyalty program, redesign of transversal customer processes and journeys. We design, integrate and operate the 3 major CRM solutions, Adobe, Oracle and Salesforce.

Omnichannel Journey



Uber, Amazon, Google and the likes have set the new standard for customer experience. We help brands rethink their customers’ journeys to make them personalized and seamless regardless of the channel or process involved. Building journeys in all the combinatorics is only a beginning. The implementation of the unified customer vision, processes and tools to anticipate, pilot and measure the omnichannel experience requires multiple expertise that we have developed, structured and cultivated as reusable assets.




Building a multichannel 360 ° vision of the customer is only the enabler. The goal is to turn this information into actionable knowledge for personalization purposes, whether it’s pushing marketing messages or personalizing the customer experience. Design individual personalization across all channels, develop predictive or self-learning models to select the relevant content, integrate these personalization capabilities in the app or sites and measure the effectiveness over time. Our teams have the full range of IT, datascience and marketing skills to deliver the processes and tools for customizing multichannel customer journeys.

Mobile & Web UX



Data and customer knowledge are the heart of the reactor. Their transformation into action and value creation requires integration within websites, mobile, content management and eCommerce apps. We design, build apps, eCommerce sites and content management integrated with data and customer knowledge.



Center the whole marketing mix around data



Increase the ROI of digital media



Develop customer value