Increase the ROI of digital media

Harness the full potential of data to optimize the cost and return of each dollar spent on digital media.

Data Management Platform



Define use cases, select the appropriate DMP, tag the site, reconcile DMP and CRM for retargeting or remarketing, target audience and measure campaigns, set up 2nd party partnerships or enrich with relevant 3rd parties data. These are some of the challenges to get ROI out of a DMP. We have implemented most of the major DMPs at dozens of large customers. Our teams have built a set of assets that accelerates the deployment and the value creation of DMP.

Media Activation



The share of digital in media budgets is now paramount and still growing fast; optimize acquisition costs, measure and improve the ROI of campaigns and identify the contribution of each activation driver becomes essential. Audit the activation strategy, consolidate CRM, 3rd party or scored data, segment audience targets, activate them, measure and optimize the ROI, align the organization and skills to effectively manage digital campaigns, are some of the ROI drivers we optimize be it on cost reduction or performance increase.

Attribution Contribution



All digital media provider will claim your success. It is common for the same click to be paid to several digital media. The case is further complicated when devices and channels are multiple. Reconcile heterogeneous data sources, agree on the KPIs, define distribution rules between the different contributors, limit unnecessary exposures, monitor the allocation model(s) over time. W have capitalized on accelerators: datalake structure, KPIs and generic contribution / attribution algorithms. These are accelerators to get the benefits of good allocation contribution model more quickly.




The more detailed the profile of your app users or sitesvisitors, the more valuable it is. Whether to monetize the audience of a media site, to set up 2nd party agreements with partners or to enrich a 3rd party data provider, tagging, analytics, turning key behaviors into datapoints, setting up data partnerships , make enriched data available are some of the monetization value chain that we work on to increase your audience value.



Center the whole marketing mix around data



Develop customer value



Deliver seamless omnichannel customer experience