Our goal is to contribute to your personal and professional fulfilment.

We will work with you along your professional journey with Soft Computing to develop your skills in a balanced work-life environment.


92% of trial periods confirmed

We are committed to the quality of your integration!

The quality of your integration is a key element of your success and your well-being at Soft Computing. Your personal sponsor will help you during your first months to introduce you to your colleagues and familiarize you with our processes, our premises, our tools, …

The Executive Committee will invite you to an integration meeting to present our strategy, our businesses, our values …

Soft Computing is also a state of mind that you will discover through various events and celebration throughout the year.


58% of employees go on training each year

We are committed to developing your skills

The annual training plan combines our strategic choices as well as your needs and wishes.

It is based on different tools and training methods to best fit your goals and your situation: digital training platforms, internal training, co-development, coaching, training and editors-certification …


100% of our managers follow a training in management and skills development

We are committed to positive and local management

Our managers are trained to the art of management and to develop your technical and behavioral skills.

We believe that management proximity is essential. Your manager will follow you on a weekly basis be it in our premises or on our customers’ site.

We also guarantee that your performance review as well as your skill assessment will be systematic and professional.


60% of our managers were promoted internally

We are committed to your professional fulfilment!

Integration, training, management are individually tailored to get the most of your capabilities and suit your aspiration.

You will be able to build your path to become a project management an expert or a business unit manager.

You will also work with expert on the latest technologies, approaches and methods and move across our different excellence centers

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